2012 Year End Deja vu

By Lawrence

2012 started the year with a 20+ points gap to the upside from 2011 close.

And that gap was never filled. It is the first time in S&P history that a gap from the year before not filled in the year right after.

And now a year later, right before the 1st week of January, we have this flushed low into the close (and afterhours) last week. Only to start this week with a huge gap up again. It is not filled yet.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Something interesting to think about.


  • vertigo3 January 7, 2013 at 6:43 am

    I have to assume that you are specifically referring to a gap on the first trade day of the year.
    Can you be more specific in terms of the instrument measured?
    CASH, or ES continuous?

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