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Update on Real-Time Bias Service: Technical Hurdles Cleared And Funny Things About Twitter

By Lawrence  

traffic on junction in city We’ve been working hard to resolve the technical issues relayed to real-time bias delivery.

Well, not really me who resolve the issues, it was just my guys doing all the hard work and I was there to stress test the prototypes.

I think majority of the technical issues are taken care of. Next is a simple test in the real world where premium members can try out. I will keep you all posted on this.

Now, onto funny things about Twitter. What’s the connection between Twitter and my real-time bias service?

First, Twitter is a real-time message delivering system.

Second, at some point during our development process, we’ve tried using Twitter as the backbone to deliver the real time bias reporting.

Twitter worked so well as a backbone with our prototype we’ve gone to the point with many fancy things built around it. Then we’ve learned something the hard way. Twitter has a hard limit on the number of messages you can tweet! Once it is reached you are flagged as abusing the system.

The odd thing is that there is no limit on the number of messages being broadcasted to your subscribers. It does not matter if you have only 10 subscribers or a million subscribers. Twitter limits both the frequency and the total number of messages you can tweet everyday. Twitter also imposes a limit on the number of Tweets you can receive everyday.

So people like me who try to piggyback on their awesome real-time delivery system will have a hard time doing so. It is actually how we first learned about the hard limit because we breached the number of messages we can tweet in 2 hours. I guess the limits are there exactly to stop people like me.

Talking about hacking our way through the internet … LOL

At the end we have to scrap the whole idea and start over again.

I think this prototype on Twitter is actually a great experience. At least I have a story to tell you all.


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