FAQ About Lawrence Chan

By Lawrence

I received many questions asking about me. I guess I will simply centralize that right here.

For some personal questions, however, I think it is best that I leave them unanswered.

If I receive more questions in the future, I will simply add them here.


Are you a daytrader?

Yes for index futures.

No for currencies and other commodities.

Do you trade full time?

I do spend a significant amount of time to daytrade. Most of the time just the morning session of RTH in North America. If the lunch hours developed into something with predictable bias, then I would trade the last 2 hours into the RTH close too. The amount of time spent is the same as any professional traders who choose to limit their trading time to specific trading hours. In this sense, I am a full time trader.

I do have a full time job as a software designer and I get to use the software I help created (NeoTicker) everyday in trading and research. I have responsibilities with this job and that it occupies most of my time outside of trading.

Thus I have 2 full time jobs as oppose to just one.

In the sense that I do not glue myself to the screen whole day, I am not a full time trader. Instead you can call me a trading enthusiast.

Update: I no longer work with TickQuest on the NeoTicker platform

What do you trade mostly?

E-mini S&P, E-mini Nasdaq 100, Forex

Used to trade exclusively e-minis for several years.

Now moving more capital towards trading forex.

What kind of charts do you use?

Intraday reference 1-minute.

Highspeed entry 1-sec based 89 ticks for index futures.

Analysis 130-min for indices, hourly, 4 hours for forex, daily, etc.

What indicators do you use?

Custom tick indices for index future trading.

Custom breadth / time cycle on forex trading.

STOPD for price levels and projections.

Which indicator works best for you?

If I cannot use my custom tick indices or breadth indicators, say, when I do not have access to my computers, then VWAP is my friend when I have to check out a chart on someone else’s computer.

Do you trade mechanically?

No for daytrading.

Yes for some swing trades that last for several days.

Which brokerage are you using?

This question is a sensitive one because TickQuest works with many brokerages and maintain connectivity between NeoTicker and all those brokerages. Telling which brokerage I use will be like playing favouritism.

So the official statement is that I have many brokerage accounts and that I use them for different purposes.

Why do you create this site, selling ebooks, etc.?

The main reason for creating this site is that I would like to tell the world, especially the retail traders/investors, that price movements in financial instruments are not random and that I successfully identified the cause of such predictable behaviour in price movements.

Obviously I am proud of my achievement. Just like any other researchers, at some point in time, we will have to publish our work so that we can leave a mark.

Another reason is that I used to post in various trading journals and forums (I still do) discussing trading setups, etc. Since I do my routine analysis daily and that I do jot down notes in real-time, I may as well just post them here as an open journal so that I have a good record of my thoughts and that other traders can join me to discuss the markets.


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Update Log

Nov 16, 2010 – first release

May 2013 – modified to reflect the change in relationship with TickQuest and NeoTicker
July 2015 – added link to blog post