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Forex Daily Forecast


Forex Time Cycle forecasts the expected swing highs and swing lows for the day. Time is reported in Athens Time. To get New York time, -7 hours. To get London Time, -2 hours.

3-Day Pattern forecasts the overall trend for the trading day, 2017-5-26 (in Athens time), based on our proprietary price pattern recognition. New trading day starts at 5 pm New York Time / 10 pm London Time / Midnight Athens Time. During summer time, it is delayed by an hour due to daylight saving time changes.

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Forex Markets Daily Forecast

Clicking on a row will take you to the Daily Cheatsheet for the currency pair.

Flag Pair Time Cycle 3-Day Pattern
6/1 2P
5/30 3P
Mild Up
HH 56 HC 68 LL 68
5/31 11A
5/29 1P
HH 38 HC 52 LL 52
5/29 4P
5/31 3A
Mild Up
HH 84 HC 45 LL 35
5/30 5P
5/29 11A
Mild Up
HH 71 HC 51 LL 34
5/29 7P
5/29 4A
Mild Down
HH 21 HC 49 LL 92
5/30 8P
5/29 12A
Mild Up
HH 71 HC 47 LL 47
5/29 1P
5/30 7A
Mild Up
HH 77 HC 45 LL 36
5/28 10P
5/29 2P
Mild Down
HH 33 HC 52 LL 67
5/29 1P
5/30 7A
Mild Up
HH 81 HC 44 LL 31
5/29 3P
6/1 10A
Mild Up
HH 69 HC 51 LL 18
5/29 3P
5/31 11P
Mild Down
HH 20 HC 51 LL 71
5/30 1P
5/29 12P
Mild Down
HH 17 HC 51 LL 74


For those interested in the technologies behind the daily forecast:

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