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Trading System Concepts and Design

Trading models are created so that the so called human factor can be minimized. Most of the time, production trading models are utilized by firms like hedge funds and larger institutions. Retail traders having access to backtesting tools like TradeStation and other trading platforms can build their own trading systems easily but rarely do they successfully deploy any models to trade their own money.

Over the years I have helped many hedge funds and pro traders developing, refining and maintaining trading models. The sharp contrast between professionals and the retail traders in understanding what trading systems are driving me insane sometimes.

Here is a partial list of articles I have written on building trading system over the years. I have organized the material below into several sections so that it would be easier to find them. Whenever I can locate the rest of the articles I have written will add them here.

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Forex Swing Bias: Loonie Counter-Trend Pinball (At TraderPlanet)

I have created a Canadian Dollar trading model that takes advantage of Loonie's unique statistical behaviour. The article is now available at TraderPlanet.com. You can read the full article on the trading model at TraderPlanet.com This model will b ...


Forex Trading Signal: Quid Piker  premium content

Quid Piker is a mechanical forex trading system designed to trade British Pound. It is profitable consistently since it was created more than 10 years ago. It is not a complex strategy and can be followed quite easily. Quid Piker is a trading strateg ...


Introduction To Real-Time Trading Assistant

Real-Time Trading Assistant is designed to provide real-time updates on known statistical biases and trading models. The summary information provided will allow the traders to evaluate the current conditions of the market more objectively. It is simp ...


Forex Swing Bias: UK Official Bank Rate Bearish Play (At TraderPlanet)

I have created a British Pound trading model that exploits the UK official bank rate announcement event. The article is now available from TraderPlanet.com. You can read the article at traderplanet.com. I will add the model to the Forex Signal repor ...

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S&P500 20 Days New Low Bullish Reversal  member only

Here is a breadth driven trading model based on S&P500's 20 days new low market breadth data. It is not something complex and everyone can follow easily. It performs very well with reasonable drawdown. For those who are not familiar with the con ...


Emini S&P Real-Time Trading Assistant Explained

Emini S&P (symbol ES) and its closely related Spyder ETF (symbol SPY) have many real-time biases that provide important clues on where they are heading within the day. These real-time biases often change the expected outlook for the day. This sho ...


Forex Weekly Bias: Bullish Mean Rejection  premium content

Another simple forex trading signal that exploits the weekly mean reversion property of Euro. The strength of this system is in its simplicity. For those who have read the classic Taylor Trading Technique (from George Douglass Taylor), this setup i ...

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Forex Weekly Bias: Bearish Mean Reversion  member only

A simple forex trading signal that exploits the mean reversion behaviour of Euro and its Monday weaknesses. Do not underestimate a simple system like this. It is a very profitable system by itself and a strong mechanical filter for forex day traders ...


HFT Is Not The Same As Algorithmic Trading

Just a short explanation to clarify these two terms - High Frequency Trading (HFT) and Algorithmic Trading (AT). Algorithmic Trading (AT) is a generic term referring to the use of rule driven computer models to execute trades on behalf of their huma ...

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Preparing Yourself For Mechanical Trading

I have been offered many times to sell my mechanical day trading systems. I turned down almost all of them. Most of these potential clients are retail traders. I rejected them not because of the amount of money offered is not good enough. The problem ...

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