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iStock_000001603593XSmall Latest research and articles on trading and day trading related matters. Research mainly focuses on Emini and Forex markets. You will find in-depth research on trading techniques, market biases and trading signals that you will never read from anywhere else. You can always find something useful to improve your trading here.

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Emini S&P Afterhours Behaviour Part 5 - Time of Day Statistics

When we look at Emini afterhours trading activities, it is important to remember that the US stock markets is not active during that time. Hence Emini S&P500 moves mainly as a proxy with the active markets trading in the world at the time. Emini ...


Maria Psarra on How to Win
Maria Psarra on How to Win

There is no holy grail, and there is no magical system. You have to win the battle within you first before you can win with the markets. – Maria Psarra Embed This Image In Your Site (copy code below): Maria Psarra on How to Win by Day ...

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Weekend Humour: When It Comes To Boasting, No One Beats Mystic Muffin

I was strolling around downtown Toronto the other day … and Mystic Muffin is a famous local joint with cult following status. ...


Introduction to S&P500 Short Term Market Breadth Analog Forecast

This is a short introduction of the S&P500 Short-Term Market Breadth Analog Forecast report available in Daily Market Breadth Monitor (US Indices). I will explain what it does and how to utilize it on daily basis for swing level trade planning. I ...

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Market Breadth Primer: Market Breadth Analog Forecasting Method

Classic approaches to the interpretation of market breadth data are mainly based on signal generation and recognition of outlier events. The reason for market participants to do that is obvious – the indicator got to produce something of immediate ...

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MBO Issue 39 (Mar 2015) Traders’ Heaven  premium content

Content Review Euro Messy Swings Ahead S&P On Track To Its Blow-off Top Gold Is Hanging On A Thread Big Picture Summary   Review Euro entered a more difficult trading environment as predicted in last newsletter. The bounc ...


Weekend Humour: Remembering Leonard Nimoy

The last funny act Mr. Nimoy did with Bruno Mars. If you pay attention watching the video, you will find Bruno Mars appearing in it too. ...

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The Little Secrets Behind Traders Who Turned Around Their Trading Careers II

Many retail traders started their trading adventure because of the financial potential. During their journeys through the maze of the learning process, however, that dream of financial freedom slowly fade away and often replace by setbacks and pains. ...

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Intraday Tool: Emini S&P Average Volume Percentage  premium content

The intraday Emini S&P Average Volume Percentage is a great filter for choosing the right day trading strategy for any particular trading day. Specific day trading techniques will be presented in their own research reports. This article is a shor ...


Weekend Humour: Captain America Is A Millionaire, Really

According to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Steve Rogers was born in 1920, became Captain America in 1942 and turned into a popsicle for “almost 70 years” in Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier. Many long time fans of the comic believe Captain ...

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