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iStock_000001603593XSmall Latest research and articles on trading and day trading related matters. Research mainly focuses on Emini and Forex markets. You will find in-depth research on trading techniques, market biases and trading signals that you will never read from anywhere else. You can always find something useful to improve your trading here.

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MBO Issue 64 (Apr 2017) We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know  premium content

Content Review Euro Weekly Bear Flag S&P Bear Trap or Long Term Top Gold Breakout Mode Big Picture Summary   Review Euro attempted to push higher off the false break out setup as expected but failed to clear the 1.09 op ...

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MBO Issue 63 (Mar 2017) More New Taxes  premium content

Content Review Euro Short Term Bottom vs. Election Surprises S&P First Yearly Upside Target Reached Gold Weekly Pullback in Progress Big Picture Summary     Review Euro daily bear flag led to pull back down to yea ...

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Defensive Money Management Explained: When Your Trading Style Fails

Quite a number of fund manager and pro trader friends have experienced significant drawdown so far in year 2017. Partly thanks to the uncertainties of the current geopolitical environment, these veteran professionals all have expressed their frustrat ...

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MarketBiasObserver Special Update
MBO Issue 62 (Feb 2017) Special Update: 10 Things We Need To Know About the Year 2009 Low

MarketBiasObserver Special Update

US stock market special development requiring our attention this week.


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MBO Issue 62 (Feb 2017) Trading This Worldwide Political Hell  premium content

Content Review Euro on Track to Tag First Upside Target S&P Upside Breakout In Place Gold on Track to Challenge Its Upside Resistance Big Picture Summary   Review Euro falling wedge broken, slow rise towards first targe ...


Market Breadth Primer: VIX Phenomenon 2017 Edition

I wrote about the Volatility Index (VIX) several years ago explaining why it behaves the way it is. I also presented the idea that understanding the players in the trading game is more important than focusing just on the technical details like the Gr ...

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Year of the Rooster Stock Market Forecast

I presents to you the 5th annual stock market forecast based on the Chinese 19-year solar lunar cycle. This is the year of the Roaster which comes after the year of the monkey. Since the cycle actually starts from early February 2017 for 365 days, I ...

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Year 2017 Reversal Dates for the US Stock Market Based on the 19-Year Solar Lunar Cycle  premium content

Here is the 19-year solar lunar cycle (Chinese calendar cycle) projection on Dow Jones Industrial Average for year 2017. The reversal dates work well with S&P500 and Nasdaq 100 as well. Content Big Picture Visualization List of Reversal D ...

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MBO Issue 61 (Jan 2017) Here Comes Volatility  premium content

Content Review Euro at Critical Make It or Break It Juncture S&P Year 2016 Deja Vu Gold First Attempt to Break Its Monthly Down Trend Big Picture Summary   Review Euro flushed several times to its low of the year fulfil ...

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MBO 2017 Annual Issue: Bold Predictions on Currencies, Gold, Bonds and Stock Markets  premium content

Last year I posted my year 2016 predictions on various financial markets and it was very well received. Instead of doing it occasionally, I am making it part of the Market Bias Observer newsletter this year. Enjoy!   Content Scorecard fo ...

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