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iStock_000001603593XSmall Latest research and articles on trading and day trading related matters. Research mainly focuses on Emini and Forex markets. You will find in-depth research on trading techniques, market biases and trading signals that you will never read from anywhere else. You can always find something useful to improve your trading here.

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Relative Efficiency of Return on Investment with Trading Comparing to Other Businesses

I wrote in my blog two weeks ago about trading income which somehow generated quite a number of emails asking for clarifications of what I mean. So here it is again on the same topic with examples to illustrate the point. This should allow people who ...

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Legally Preparing for the Unexpected

A trader friend experienced chest pain and numbing feeling all over on her upper body earlier this week. She had such experience before and thought that by resting and taking a few pain killers the troubles would go away. It did not and she was hospi ...

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Should You Stop Trading When Your Weekly or Daily Profit Goal Is Reached?

Many traders choose to stop trading once a dollar based profit goal is reached. It is a safe guard against oneself from over trading. It also helps a trader from getting to aggressive due to emotional high triggered by reaching the profit goal too qu ...

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One Thing You Must Do on Android Before Going to Places with Limited Internet Connections

In major cities like New York, Tokyo or Paris, we seldom need to worry about the limitations of wifi connections as these places offer great connection speed pretty much everywhere. However, when we travel to places with very limited internet access, ...


How to Compute the Point of No Return Boundaries  member only

I have introduced the concept of Point of No Return some time ago here. It is not a complex concept but many traders find it difficult to apply the concept in their own trading. I will try to explain how point of no return is calculated in general an ...


Boy doing homework.
Self Improvement Starts From Studying Yourself Literally

I have worked with many people in improving their trading performance. I have also worked with people to improve other areas in their lives. Leaving the more technical psychology stuff aside, one thing that stands out in those people who can help the ...

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What Happen When Your Emini Trading Account Balance Falls Below Requirements?

Many beginner traders do not understand why there are so many specific account requirements when they open up a future trading account with a brokerage to trade emini. In short, the requirements are there to protect the brokerage and you from losing ...

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writing your trading plan
Writing Your First Trading Plan

One cornerstone in achieving trading success is the completion of your trading plan. I am not talking about a vague idea you have in place on how you engage the market. I am talking about a solid written plan that describe all aspects of your trading ...


Year 2016 Reversal Dates for the US Stock Market Based on the 19-Year Solar Lunar Cycle  premium content

The reversal dates based on the 19-year solar lunar cycle (Chinese calendar cycle) have been quite accurate for years since I first observed the behaviour some 20 years ago. Many major moves do start off these reversal dates. Here is the list of reve ...

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Year of the Monkey Stock Market Forecast

I present to you the 4th annual stock market forecast based on the Chinese 19-year lunar cycle. This time, we are looking at the year of the monkey and the historical stock market performance based on Dow Jones Industrial Average. The projection is d ...


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