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iStock_000001603593XSmall Latest research and articles on trading and day trading related matters. Research mainly focuses on Emini and Forex markets. You will find in-depth research on trading techniques, market biases and trading signals that you will never read from anywhere else. You can always find something useful to improve your trading here.

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Emini Day Trading: Understanding R1 Resistance  member only

Many Emini traders incorporate the pivot support resistance method into their trading strategies. Yet rarely do we see robust studies done on this classic day trading technique. Many beginner traders learned the concept and fails miserably in utilizi ...


Trading with 4K Ultra High Definition Monitors Feels Great

One morning when I tried to turn on my 28 inch monitor, it just turned all white on the screen. I cannot enable its menu system using its control buttons. Turning it off and on again does not help. Resetting the monitor to its default settings does ...


MBO Issue 47 (Nov 2015) The Almighty US Dollar  premium content

Content Review Euro Retest of Year Low in Play and Potential Downside Targets S&P Fight at Previous Year High Gold in Weekly Bear Flag Big Picture Summary   Review Euro challenged channel mid and stalled from there. Thi ...


Getting Back The Valuable Screen Space Your Trading Platforms Deserved from Windows 8 and Windows 10

There is one drastic difference between Windows 8 (and Windows 10) and all the prior releases of Windows including Windows 7. It is a feature called dynamic scaling of the elements displayed on the screen. For normal computer users, it is a very nice ...

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MBO Issue 46 (Oct 2015) War Time  premium content

Content Review Euro In Complex Weekly Bear Flag Formation S&P In Breadth Correction Mode Gold Bearish Scenario Intact Big Picture Summary   Review Euro struggled around 1.12 yet refused to go below 1.11. Attempts from E ...

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MBO Issue 45 (Sep 2015) High Volatility Season Has Arrived  premium content

Content Review Euro False Break Out S&P Down Trend In The Making Gold At Short Term Resistance Big Picture Summary   Review Euro launched itself higher to 1.17 on a huge stop run but it could not stay there and fell bac ...

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Trading While Making a Living
Trading While Making a Living: What Does It Mean to Trade While Making a Living?

I can proudly say that I have two full time jobs: one is a salaried desk job as a university professor and administrator, and the other is that of a trader. I am one of those who can have his cake and eat it too. This is the first part of a ser ...


MBO Issue 44 (Aug 2015) Cleanest Dirty Shirt Is Back  premium content

Content Review Euro's Roller Coaster Ride Down To Par S&P Breadth Correction Completed Gold Going Lower Big Picture Summary   Review The expectation of a painful take down of euro was spot on. Instead of a smooth drop ...


The Real Secret of Trend in Day Trading: Finding the Point of No Return

We often hear traders talking about trend – trend is your friend, do not fight the trend, etc. Yet we seldom hear a room full of traders agree upon what the current trend is. This casual observation leads many people to believe price based analysis ...


The Ever Confusing Emini S&P Pivot Point Support Resistance Levels

Pivot Point in day trading refers to the average of the previous session’s high, low and close. A set of other price levels are derived from the pivot point as quick reference to the nearest support and resistance price levels. The reason for using ...


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