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Forex Research Central

I spend a lot of time doing research on forex markets. Primary for my own trading but also done that for institutional clients. Following articles are the ones I have summarized from my years of research notes. I will keep posting more whenever I can squeeze time out from my schedule.

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MBO Issue 62 (Feb 2017) Trading This Worldwide Political Hell  premium content

Content Review Euro on Track to Tag First Upside Target S&P Upside Breakout In Place Gold on Track to Challenge Its Upside Resistance Big Picture Summary   Review Euro falling wedge broken, slow rise towards first targe ...


MBO Issue 61 (Jan 2017) Here Comes Volatility  premium content

Content Review Euro at Critical Make It or Break It Juncture S&P Year 2016 Deja Vu Gold First Attempt to Break Its Monthly Down Trend Big Picture Summary   Review Euro flushed several times to its low of the year fulfil ...

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MBO 2017 Annual Issue: Bold Predictions on Currencies, Gold, Bonds and Stock Markets  premium content

Last year I posted my year 2016 predictions on various financial markets and it was very well received. Instead of doing it occasionally, I am making it part of the Market Bias Observer newsletter this year. Enjoy!   Content Scorecard fo ...

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MBO Issue 60 (Dec 2016) Money Never Sleeps  premium content

Content Review Euro on Track to gun for Closing at the Low for the Year S&P Breakout Targets are Now Defined Gold Downside Target Tagged Big Picture Summary   Review Euro reacted to the US Election and spiked above ...


MBO Issue 59 (Nov 2016) The People Who Cast the Votes Decide Nothing  premium content

Content Review Euro Bounced from Support S&P Normal Pullback In Progress Gold in Neutral State Big Picture Summary   Review Euro breakdown play as forecasted with below 1.10 print tagging my channel support. S&P l ...


MBO Issue 58 (Oct 2016) The Hopeless Future  premium content

Content Review Euro Breakdown Play Intact S&P Limited Upside Potential Gold Completing Its Bottom Building Process Big Picture Summary     Review Euro topped out at the pre-breakdown flush crime scene around 1.132 ...


MBO Issue 57 (Sep 2016) A Storm Is Brewing  premium content

Content Review Euro Monthly Pattern Locked S&P Seasonal Weaknesses In Pay Gold Short Term Trend Intact Big Picture Summary   Review Euro bounced off the 1.105 level on first test basis and gave us a measured move higher ...

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MBO Issue 56 (Aug 2016) Summer Games and Sideway Markets  premium content

Content Review Euro Bear Market Actions Continue S&P Outside Year Established Gold Yearly Range Expansion Play Big Picture Summary   Review Euro fought hard at the 1.105 level mentioned last month. Multiple attempts to ...

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How to Compute the Point of No Return Boundaries  member only

I have introduced the concept of Point of No Return some time ago here. It is not a complex concept but many traders find it difficult to apply the concept in their own trading. I will try to explain how point of no return is calculated in general an ...


MarketBiasObserver Special Update
MBO Issue 49 (Jan 2016) Special Update 2  premium content

MarketBiasObserver Special Update

Jan 17, 2016 Special Update on S&P and Euro


My predictions made at the end of year 2015 on the stock market has now materialized.

Further changes in the market breadth conditions is giving us more clues on what to expect from the stock markets and currencies. The bounce forecasted last week worked out. Premium members were updated on Thursday that the bounce has limited life span and another flush was in the making. Now that we have the worst performance of first two weeks ever in the history of the US stock markets, what should we expect from here?


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