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E-Mini S&P500 Trading Research Central

I daytrade the emini S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 index future contracts. My inventions on market breadth are specialized in the identification of short term stock market index behaviours. Hence I have a large body of research work done on the index related markets. My take on price movements and price behaviour is not conventional and my research articles clearly reflect that.

When I am not trading and have spare time on hand, I would review my research notes and write up summaries. The process is slow and time consuming. But I know if I do not do so, my research work will stay behind the closed doors of financial institutions. I hope my work will make a difference among retail traders for generations to come.

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MarketBiasObserver Special Update
MBO Issue 49 (Jan 2016) Special Update  premium content

MarketBiasObserver Special Update

Jan 10, 2016 Special Update on S&P and Euro.


Last special update in December gave us a great selloff into last week. Now that custom market breadth readings across all 3 indices have produced a new condition that we should pay attention to. The continuous expansion of volatility will further magnify the swings in coming weeks.


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MBO Issue 49 (Jan 2016) 2016 The Opposite Year  premium content

Content Review Euro Down Trend S&P 2nd Year in a Bear Market Gold Bottoming Process Begins Big Picture Summary   Review Euro held up well until end of the month as expected and dropped lower since. S&P failed to cle ...


MBO Issue 48 (Dec 2015) Seasonal Play In Full Force  premium content

Content Review Euro Turbulent Down Trend S&P Weekly Consolidation Gold Hanging On Big Picture Summary     Review As of Dec 3rd, Euro tagged 1.05 minimal target mentioned last month and took off due to ECB’s acti ...

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Intraday Bias: Emini S&P R1 Reversal  premium content

Morning Reversal from R1 is a short only trading system that works on Emini S&P RTH 5-min timeframe. It is simple and has been working consistently for well more than 10 years. You can read about the basic concept behind from my article, Emini Da ...

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Emini Day Trading: Understanding R1 Resistance  member only

Many Emini traders incorporate the pivot support resistance method into their trading strategies. Yet rarely do we see robust studies done on this classic day trading technique. Many beginner traders learned the concept and fails miserably in utilizi ...


MBO Issue 47 (Nov 2015) The Almighty US Dollar  premium content

Content Review Euro Retest of Year Low in Play and Potential Downside Targets S&P Fight at Previous Year High Gold in Weekly Bear Flag Big Picture Summary   Review Euro challenged channel mid and stalled from there. Thi ...


MBO Issue 46 (Oct 2015) War Time  premium content

Content Review Euro In Complex Weekly Bear Flag Formation S&P In Breadth Correction Mode Gold Bearish Scenario Intact Big Picture Summary   Review Euro struggled around 1.12 yet refused to go below 1.11. Attempts from E ...

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The Ever Confusing Emini S&P Pivot Point Support Resistance Levels

Pivot Point in day trading refers to the average of the previous session’s high, low and close. A set of other price levels are derived from the pivot point as quick reference to the nearest support and resistance price levels. The reason for using ...


Emini S&P Afterhours Behaviour Part 6: A Different Take On AH Price Levels

In first few instalments of this series, I define the regular trading session as 9:30 am to 4:15 pm Eastern Time and that all trading outside of this are part of the After Hours (AH) session. Since CME changed the Regular Trading Session closing proc ...

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Overnight Bias: Emini Night Owl Short Play  premium content

Emini Night Owl Short Play trading system is designed to take advantage of the overnight range expansion behaviour mentioned in the Emini S&P Afterhours Behaviour series. This model has strict control on risk and performed very well over the past ...

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