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E-Mini S&P500 Trading Research Central

I daytrade the emini S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 index future contracts. My inventions on market breadth are specialized in the identification of short term stock market index behaviours. Hence I have a large body of research work done on the index related markets. My take on price movements and price behaviour is not conventional and my research articles clearly reflect that.

When I am not trading and have spare time on hand, I would review my research notes and write up summaries. The process is slow and time consuming. But I know if I do not do so, my research work will stay behind the closed doors of financial institutions. I hope my work will make a difference among retail traders for generations to come.

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Intraday Bias: Emini Weak Close Gap Below  premium content

The trading models presented here are created to deal with the Weak Close Gap Below scenario in the gap trading framework described in Master Emini S&P Gap Trading Techniques.   Topics Covered Basic Setup Trading Strategy Lowe ...


Emini S&P Afterhours Behaviour Part 5 - Time of Day Statistics

When we look at Emini afterhours trading activities, it is important to remember that the US stock markets is not active during that time. Hence Emini S&P500 moves mainly as a proxy with the active markets trading in the world at the time. Emini ...


Intraday Tool: Emini S&P Average Volume Percentage  premium content

The intraday Emini S&P Average Volume Percentage is a great filter for choosing the right day trading strategy for any particular trading day. Specific day trading techniques will be presented in their own research reports. This article is a shor ...


Intraday Tool: NYSE Advance Issues Percentage  premium content

The intraday NYSE Advance / Decline Issues Percentage readings are useful for day trading in many ways. Specific day trading techniques using advance decline issues will be presented in their own reports. This article is a short introduction on the t ...

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Introduction to Real-Time Commentaries Charts & Transcripts

Real-Time Commentaries Charts & Transcripts is a study tool for those who is interested in day trading Emini S&P. It shows the intraday chart of Emini S&P and the transcript from my real-time commentaries for the corresponding day. The ch ...

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Intraday Bias: Gap Framework  premium content

The intraday biases of the gap framework from Master Emini S&P Gap Trading Techniques are reported in multiple stages within the Emini Real-Time Trading Assistant as time approaches the open time for the regular trading session. I am going to cov ...


Emini S&P Is Different From Almost All Other Markets

Normal people has the urge to find a handle on things. They love to learn one specific method to tackle Emini day trading. Trading coaches and indicator vendors love to offer these beginners what they want – a one size fit all answer that these beg ...


Intraday Bias: Emini Strong Close Gap Down  premium content

The trading models presented in this article is direct application of the gap classification framework from Master Emini S&P Gap Trading Techniques. I am talking about trading models because there are multiple ways to take advantage of the bias, ...


Master Emini S&P Gap Trading Techniques  premium content

There are all sorts of myths and wrong understandings about the Emini S&P gaps being spread everywhere in the trading world. Without careful study of the gaps, many traders choose to use simple trading strategies to capture these gaps. This bruta ...


Understanding Emini S&P Gaps  member only

Emini S&P trades almost 24 hours a day, 5 days a week but it is separated into two trading sessions. The session Regular Trading Hours (RTH) is linked to the normal business hours for which the US stock market is open. This is similar to the usua ...

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