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Kelly McGonigal: How To Make Stress Your Friend

Ms. McGonigal talks about stress and how new findings in human response to stress leading to overhaul of our understanding of stress.

Ms. Gonigal mentioned courage which is really the main theme of the video.

Courage is known to be a born with characteristics. Some prefer calling it a potential only because it still takes effort to bring out the courage. What Ms. Gonigal says is that courage can be developed through the willingness to connect with other people and the willingness to feel what others feel.

I am bringing this up because traders are often facing adverse scenarios. Many people simply paralyzed when they are facing sudden change in the market environment that their logical self just couldn’t keep up. Courageous people, however, has the advantage of accepting the situation and move on.

I am not saying that trading with so much emotional swings is a good thing. I am saying that if the market can inflict emotional swings on you so badly, you need courage to overcome the adversities. What Ms. McGonigal says is a way out to reprogram our mind so that we can handle stressful environment better without the innate advantage.

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  • Lawrence Chan  December 1, 2013 at 19:34:52

    Forgot to mention this in the clip above.

    Do not confuse Kelly with her twin sister Jane when you are browsing the TedTalks.


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