A Smarter Way to Master Day Trading E-Mini S&P 500

There is really a smarter and more efficient way to master day trading e-mini S&P 500. All you have to do is to ditch 90% of what you have been told from other sources on how to learn to trade and start fresh with the articles below. It tells you what must be done and how to do that.

Whether you will follow the instructions is totally up to you.

Why 96% of Traders Fail and What to Do About It

I’ve written about trading psychology in my spare time for almost 10 years now. Every year I see newcomers leave the game financially crippled, and many will have PTSD to deal with for the rest of their lives. No one in the financial industry r ...


Avoid Traditional Trading Education at All Cost

   What I am going to say here will piss off 90% of the gurus out there offering their takes on how to become a successful trader. I can truly sympathize with that, because I understand what they went through to get to their level of tradin ...

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Approach Your Trading Education the Smarter Way

Now that you are well aware of the shortcomings of traditional trading education, it is time to think about what you can do instead to learn trading more effectively. We are looking for methods that anyone can learn and that deliver results to the ...