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2011 Feb 9
Site move in progress (updated)

We are going to move to another hosting company that can handle the traffic better. The plan is to have that done by this weekend. Some measures are taken tonight that should improve the performance of the server effective immediately. ...

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2011 Feb 7
Server Overload

At 11:50 am this morning, the web server has crashed due to too many users are viewing the real-time commentaries at the same time. We are looking into possible solutions to resolve this issue. ...

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2011 Feb 6
New Format for the Weekly Outlook Charts

My staff helped me to setup an automation routine to upload the weekly outlook charts over the weekend so that I do not have to do that myself. All I have to do now is to add the comments where I wanted too. It is a huge time saver enabling me to c ...

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2011 Feb 3
New home for Weekly Outlook is now ready!

Easier access to all current week posts and more. Click here to see it yourself. ...

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2011 Jan 25
Suggestion Box and Ask Trading Questions areas are now ready.

Help us build a better by sending us your suggestions and trading questions today. ...

2011 Jan 6
Better Avatar Support

We've added options allowing you to customize your avatar that shows next to your comments. See here for more details. ...

2011 Jan 1

2010 Dec 28
Moving to a better server

You may find some pages not loading properly. We expect to have the move completed by the end of the day. ...

2010 Dec 12
Defensive Money Management Explained Part 4 is now available

Part 4 is available here. Index page is here. ...

2010 Dec 3

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