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USDJPY Breakout Failure, Again

2010 Nov 4 Thu 10:03:17 | by Lawrence

As expected, the moment fed announcement was made, the strength in the pair just collapsed. A clean 1-2-3 sell, this time visible on 4 Hour, has stopped out the long (a scratch).

USDJPY Upside Breakout

2010 Nov 3 Wed 10:45:09 | by Lawrence

As oppose to dropping further, the ledge visible on 4 hours was broken to the upside with a clean 1-2-3 buy (on hourly) off 80.90.

Again, stopped in on another attempt to ride this potentially 300+ pips bounce.

ES Daily Year-to-date

2010 Oct 31 Sun 12:18:31 | by Lawrence

Following is a 30-min ES chart squeezed to show what happened so far this year.


First quarter range projected the top in 2nd quarter with its 50% upside range expansion.

Second quarter is almost exactly 200% the range of first quarter range.

Third quarter higher low is simply a test of first quarter low and when that held up well, we have the melt up to first quarter high.

Isn’t that interesting?

2010 Oct 31
KOSPI 200 Daily Chart

Here is an example how astounding STOPD works on markets that are perceived as more volatile and less stable than the more established markets in the West. Following is the daily chart of Korea Stock Exchange KOSPI 200 Index. The first quarter r ...

2010 Oct 28
USDJPY 10/28/2010 Disappointment

1-2-3 sell on 4 hour stopped out the long ... and confirming the trend continuation sell. ...

2010 Oct 27
USDCAD at Crossroad

The w. spring type action on 4 Hour against par points to much higher price level. If it fails to take out the swing high on 4 hour, may have to take profit and look for another play. ...

2010 Oct 27

Holding pattern in place. Wait and see game here for the upside target zone. ...

2010 Oct 27
Another Down Gap

Notice NQ has not gap down to previous day low area and ES gap down and traded to a lower low already. Previous day low is important for ES to hold from this point onward if it wants to stage a rally in the morning. ...

2010 Oct 26
Down Gaps on ES and NQ this morning

ES gapped below previous week close and landed at Weekly Pivot + Daily S2 = first attempt is to try filling the gap. NQ made a 2x downside target from yesterday range = try to fill gap first. Nothing magical – just their normal selves. ...

2010 Oct 26

Confirmed 1-2-3 buy off 4 Hour chart at 80.90. Started from a potential w. spring off the very long term low zone at 80.40 area. Edit: Adding the chart below to illustrate what is a confirmed 1-2-3 buy ...

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