Dow 30 Dec 24 to Dec 28 Outlook

By News Robot

Lawrence’s Comment

Y-1 support sending Dow back up to Y-0 and cleared it as if it was not there. That gave us Y+1 target and we got that in 1 go (continuous contract not showing the price level correctly). 2nd half of the week was brutal smack down back to the low of the week. Closed the week at midpoint of the month. Market makers won the battle on this option expiration.

Extremely tricky set up. A tight range zone of 250+ pts is not tight range but the power behind both boundaries are very strong. Historically we will experience a few more wild swings before the direction will be found.

As long as B-1 holds, looking for a run to Y+1 / B+1 again. Am not bullish but the price pattern suggested so.

If Dow can clear B-2 quickly then a strong long term down trend will be established.


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