Free Bitcoin Online Resources

By Lawrence

bitcoin online resourcesMany readers emailed me asking for more information about Bitcoin and where they can learn more about it. Well, there are many options to choose from. Here is a short list to some free resources online.

Data Aggregation

The most comprehensive data source is Bitcoin Charts.

Bitcoin Charts has some very basic charting but its value is not with its charting service. Bitcoin Charts has aggregated transaction level data across many bitcoin exchanges. Those data can be downloaded free of charge from their website.

Bitcoin Charts also has an open API that you can pull data from their server for whatever purpose you have in mind.

Once you have pulled the data into your computer you can plot them easily in your favourite charting platform.

My last post on Bitcoin price behaviour was using data from Bitcoin Charts.


Free Real-Time Charting

The free online charting service is a comprehensive charting platform with free data for all kinds of markets. It supports charting on quite a number of Bitcoin exchanges in various currencies. Data is streamed real-time. It is quite convenient overall and very handy if you do not have access to your favourite trading platform.

TradingView is free to use unless you want to go with its advanced features.


Bitcoin Foundation

The official presence of Bitcoin is

You can find all the basic information about Bitcoin there. It is also the place to look for the officially endorsed Bitcoin wallets. If you want to start learning about Bitcoin, you can check out the website for more information.


Bitcoin Forum

Bitcoin Talk is the de facto centre where the bitcoin community meet. It has forums setup for various languages. Boosting more than 300,000 members, you will find the latest gossips on Bitcoin everything.


Bitcoin on Reddit

Many businesses and Bitcoin activists choose to take their discussions of Bitcoin to Reddit. You can find announcements made at Reddit from various businesses that choose to accept Bitcoin. You will also find discussions across many topics from how unprofitable it is to mine Bitcoin to talks on trading Bitcoin for profit.


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