Historical Data Bank More Data And Revision

By Lawrence

Short announcement on Historical Data Bank.

More Data

2nd set of custom market breadth data are now added to the Historical Data Bank.

This new set of data includes custom breadth data for Dow 30, SPX 500, and NDX 100:

  • TICK1K Index
  • New High 20 Days
  • New Low 20 Days
  • New High 5 Days
  • New Low 5 Days

Both daily and 30 minute resolution data are included.

By next week the high resolution version of the custom breadth data will be ready.

Overall Look And Feel

User feedbacks told us that it is getting difficult to navigate through the data bank as more files are added.

We are testing with this new look having separate tab sheet for each data format.

It should reduce the time spent on browsing thru the files.


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