Internet Access, Trading and Writing

By Lawrence

little human,big magnifierAnother week of torture by my ISPs yet no solution offered by them. Internet stability is critical to my trading business and I am not able to control this one factor after so many years. I guess moving to another country with better internet infrastructure is the best way. For now, I have to spend a lot of time to shop for a good remote data centre for my site. It is something that I can do to make sure such future incident will not affect my premium members.

It is interesting how one issue can affect my daily routines so much. As oppose to getting my usual morning routines done, I have to scramble for help, call my programmer to check if data servers are affected and try to get back online as quickly as possible. This makes me anxious and not getting rest properly. The lingering feeling of another day of mess the very next day actually gets to me.

Since this problem will continue at least for sometime until I find a solution, I have decided to stop trading over these spring and summer months so that I can revamp everything. I like the idea of me being able to trade anywhere but I depend on my tools heavily too. I guess setting up my trading platforms from a secure data centre outside of Canada will be the best decision over the long run.

I am way ahead of schedule for my trading target of the year so far, I am sure I can spare a few months on designing and implementing a more robust trading environment for myself that will serve me well for years to come. This also means I may have to travel to these locations to ensure I am getting what I expected. It will be interesting to write about my experience in getting my trading platforms setup remotely. Could be a good idea for another article series. 

A week of time wasted obviously also affected my writing schedule. I guess I will have to find time to play catch up. Several new ideas came up while I was stuck at the waiting queue for tech support. Will be interesting to explore how these trading concepts hold up in historical data.

Overall not a productive week but there is still some good news though – the ad network advertisements will be removed this week.


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