LC’s Emini S&P Real-Time Trading Assistant

Aspiring day traders and struggling traders are frustrated by the same problem:


  • BUT I keep making the same trading mistakes
  • BUT I do not have a trading edge to lean on
  • BUT I could not figure out where Emini S&P is heading
  • BUT I am confused by all the trading indicators I am using


Here’s the catch: Emini S&P day trading is difficult. Only 1% retail traders who trade index are really profitable consistently. Your chance of making it is very low …

So how does one really make it into the 1% winner circle?

Gurus on the Net Have Made You Believe Making Money Trading Index Is Either Totally Impossible… Or So Easy It’s Like Printing Money

It is not your fault you have problem learning a good discretionary trading method. After all it is supposed to be difficult. Otherwise everyone would have be able to use the method to make money, isn’t it?

It is also not a surprise that the training courses are not helping you to make money from the market. Some could be outright fraud wasting your time and money. Some of them are discretionary trading methods with too many discretions to be useful for a beginner learning to trade.

Maybe you are thinking of quitting, or questioning if you have what it takes to be a good day trader.

What you really need is not tough training or nerve of steel. What you need are trading strategies having well-defined trading edges to get you on the right path since day one. You need real-time guidance to reduce your confusion and promote better trading discipline so that you will trade with the proper mindset.

How? That’s what we can do for you.

Our Proprietary Trading Technology, the Emini S&P Real-Time Trading Assistant is Designed to Tell You What to Expect During the Trading Day

We have to get real here. No one can force you to trade better if you refuse to do so. Trainers and trading coaches out there cannot give you cold hard statistics in real-time. Their guidance are likely to confuse you more than helping you.

Our Emini S&P Real-Time Trading Assistant is the best trading tool you can get. It is there to give you objective and extensively backtested market biases while you continue to develop your own trading style at your own pace. It gives you unbiased analysis right from the start and you can depend on it every day.

Choose LC’s Emini S&P Real-Time Trading Assistant

The Only Trading Tool Assists You While
You Needed Unbiased Analysis The Most

Gain the Insights You Need – Even If You are New To Day Trading…

  • Extensively backtested market biases and trading signals streamed in real-time
  • New research results are added to handle the ever changing market environment
  • Trading models with fully disclosed trading rules and logic
  • End-of-day reports giving you foresights about the next trading day / week
  • All you need is your browser, completely independent from any trading platforms

When You’ve Learned the Basics,
You Should Not Settle for Lousy Performance

You want to do better but you just keep making the same trading mistake over and over. At the moment you are confused about the intention of the market, you want an expert to be there telling you the likely scenarios and which profitable strategies are applicable. Most important of all, you need the expert to warn you not to make the same trading mistake.

You’ve learned many trading setups and quite a number of them are very good. Yet, you have trouble recalling and evaluating them all quickly in real-time. When you realize that the trading setup has come and gone, you beat yourself up for not remembering that. If only someone was there to inform you the trading setup is in place as it happens…

You owe it to yourself to start using the Emini S&P Real-Time Trading Assistant. It can complement any trading style you are using. There is no complex learning curve to go through. All you have to do is to open the tool when you trade.

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