Professional Trading Guideline

By Lawrence


As a professional trader who trades or watches the US stock markets closely, you have developed your own personal style in trading. Yet, you always look for new ways to improve your trading. What we offer here at DaytradingBias are several proprietary trading tools that can help you simplify your routines and focus more on execution.

To start, you can open our real-time price level tools to see the nearest important price levels in a highly compact format. You no longer need to keep switching back and forth looking at the charts from higher timeframes.


You can also open the real-time trading assistant for updates on overall market breadth and other significant biases as they develop in real-time.


Our daily and weekly reports can help you prepare for the next trading day quickly.

Our library of patterns and research reports give you new ideas on potential new trading setups to be incorporated into your trading.

In short, you get the most out of our service because you benefit the most from everything we offer.