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I daytrade the emini S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 index future contracts. My inventions on market breadth are specialized in the identification of short term stock market index behaviours. Hence I have a large body of research work done on the index related markets. My take on price movements and price behaviour is not conventional and my research articles clearly reflect that.

When I am not trading and have spare time on hand, I would review my research notes and write up summaries. The process is slow and time consuming. But I know if I do not do so, my research work will stay behind the closed doors of financial institutions. I hope my work will make a difference among retail traders for generations to come.

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S&P500 20 Days New Low Bullish Reversal  member only

Here is a breadth driven trading model based on S&P500's 20 days new low market breadth data. It is not something complex and everyone can follow easily. It performs very well with reasonable drawdown. For those who are not familiar with the con ...


Emini S&P Real-Time Trading Assistant Explained

Emini S&P (symbol ES) and its closely related Spyder ETF (symbol SPY) have many real-time biases that provide important clues on where they are heading within the day. These real-time biases often change the expected outlook for the day. This sho ...


Why Trading Emini S&P Is As Good As Forex Now
Why Trading Emini S&P Is As Good As Trading Forex Now?

A common topic among many questions I received. Here is the answer in one big infographic. Embed This Infographic In Your Site (copy code below): Why Trading Emini S&P Is As Good As Trading Forex Now? by DaytradingBias.com ...

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Trading Emini S&P With Multiple Timeframe STOPD Levels

This is a simple walk-thru of what happened during the day on Feb 27, 2014 on Emini S&P. It illustrates a way to utilize data from multiple timeframes to identify the key price levels for making trading decisions. It is not that difficult. It jus ...


WTF Chart of the Day: Emini S&P War / No War Mess

I posted last time on what happened back in 2003 with the Iraq war. Following is the same chart updated with swing size details. Comparing that to what is happening now, it is similar in an eerie way. ...

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Smilingsynic: Five Minute Flip (FMF)  member only

Smilingsynic is a long time member of this site. He is a good Emini S&P daytrader. Many members like to learning more about his Five Minute Flip (FMF) concept after reading his comments in our real-time chat room. Smilingsynic generously squeezed ...


The Dilemma Of Fund Managers With Large Institutions. DaytradingBias.com
The Dilemma Of Fund Managers With Large Institutions

Majority of long term funds (i.e. not hedge funds) are all under performing the S&P 500 for 4 to 5 years in a row. Many people are expressing frustrations against the fund managers while some others are having fun making jokes about them. I guess ...

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ES TRIN Driver_20130529_211324
The TRIN Bearish Bias Play  premium content

TRIN bearish bias is different from its bullish bias for the same reason that bull market behaviour is different from bear market. Short term overbought condition in TRIN has more requirements than its counterpart. First, net gain from day trading t ...

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ES TRIN Driver_20130527_184455
The TRIN Bullish Bias Play  premium content

TRIN is also called the Arms Index. It is often used as a swing term indicator. It can be used that way but it is a waste of the information provided by the index. First, net gain from day trading this TRIN bias.   The Setup [DTBMember] ...

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ES Basic Weekday Bias_20130521_222445
The Extremely Uneven Distribution Behaviour In Emini S&P 500 Regular Trading Session

Following is a chart showing the net gains from long only models that trade only on a particular weekday. The results are very interesting. Notice the drastic difference in net gain for each weekday. I can guess that you have many questions in you ...

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