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I daytrade the emini S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 index future contracts. My inventions on market breadth are specialized in the identification of short term stock market index behaviours. Hence I have a large body of research work done on the index related markets. My take on price movements and price behaviour is not conventional and my research articles clearly reflect that.

When I am not trading and have spare time on hand, I would review my research notes and write up summaries. The process is slow and time consuming. But I know if I do not do so, my research work will stay behind the closed doors of financial institutions. I hope my work will make a difference among retail traders for generations to come.

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ES Weekly STOPD Patterns_20130514_215946
Weekly STOPD Pattern: S&P Bearish Continuation 1  premium content

There are quite a number of patterns that work around the weekly STOPD price levels giving us a solid edge. This one is a classic bearish continuation setup. Net gain chart below. The Setup [DTBMember] Low below previous week low by 25% of ...


Proper Introduction To Gap Fill Play On Emini S&P  premium content

This is an introduction to trading the gap fill strategies popularized by many gurus. Although I trade the strategies quite extensively myself, I do not do it like most others because I have a very different take on the gap behaviour comparing to mos ...


ES Daily Range_20130509_214428
Betting On The Gaps Themselves

Many people are fixated on the idea of long term "investment" while others would like to explore for better return day trading. Here is an interesting chart with net gains from several trading strategies. You may be surprised by the results ...

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ES Bullish Price Driver. DaytradingBias.com
The One Bullish Setup Everyone Must Know Daytrading Emini S&P  premium content

If I am going to tell you that there is one simple day trading setup that works all these years you will probably think that I am kidding. What if I tell you that this setup is long only, strictly day trade from open to close? I must be joking, right ...


Emini SP Tick Index Blind Short_20130316_231647
Trading with Tick Index: Blind Short Day Trading Model  member only

I am going to present the first example trading model in this series that exploits the characteristics of the NYSE Tick Index. Most people focus on the intraday behaviour of the Tick Index and forget that it is a great summary statistics tell us what ...


boxer training
Survival Guide To Trading The Stock Market Option Expiration Weeks

Option expiration weeks offer a lot of trading opportunities that the other weeks do not because the option market makers (can be firms, professionals, or anyone who has enough capital doing it) have to adjust their positions fiercely so that they ca ...


golden egg
Day Trading Income Potential For Index Traders

"How much money will I make trading emini S&P?" is one of those questions often asked by people interested in learning to trade. It is not a simple figure that I can just toss out because it depends on many factors. However, I can provi ...


SA VIX Rotation_20121108_130401
Bankable ETF Strategy: VIX Rotation  member only

I am going to present a different kind of swing trading strategy this time using the CBOE Volatility Index VIX to trade S&P 500 ETF (SPY) and Dow 30 ETF (DIA). CBOE VIX is a measure of the implied volatility of the index options on the S&P 5 ...


SPY NFP Play_20121011_174413
Nonfarm Payroll Week Trading Models  member onlypremium content

It is well know among many professional traders that NFP week has a strong bullish bias. But as I have shown in the article, Nonfarm Payroll Report Bias, it is not that simple in utilizing this bias in reality. I am going to show you 3 trading models ...


SPY NFP Play_20121011_123238
Survival Guide To Trading Nonfarm Payroll Report Week

US Nonfarm Payroll (NFP) Report is a monthly report coming from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) that summarizes the employment condition within United States. The week of NFP Report has a special bias that all traders should be aware of. The Irregu ...

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