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To edit your user profile (include changing password), visit the profile management page

There are several ways to show an avatar (a picture that represents you) next to the comments you posted.

Upload Your Avatar Locally

After log on, you can visit your user profile to upload a picture of size 60×60 pixels, under the section Avatar that is close to the bottom of the options page. If you upload a picture larger than that, it will be cropped.

If you don’t get along with someone, you can place them on your ignore list and their comments will not appear on your screen.

Manage Your Ignore List

After log on, you can visit your user profile to manage your ignore list.

Within your user profile, you will find the field Ignore List, you can enter a comma separated list of user names. After making changes to the list, press the Update Profile button to save the changes.

For example, you want to hide all the comments made by User1 and User2. Then in your ignore list you put in,


Do not put spaces between the names and the comma separators. The feature is not that smart (yet) to exclude blank spaces.

Discussion Area

To include pictures in the post that starts a thread, use the upload form below. Once you are done uploading an image, you will get a shortcode that looks like this,

[singlepic id=N]

You can simply copy and paste that shortcode into your post to display the image.


On any thread where you can post your comment, you will find an area at the bottom of the thread allowing you to upload a picture. After the upload is completed, the same upload area will show you a shortcode like this,

[singlepic id=N]

Simply copy and paste that shortcode into your comment to display the image. Of course you can type it in too.

Comments can contain multiple pictures. All you have to do is to upload those pictures one by one and note down the id numbers of those images so that you can reference to the pictures properly in your comment.

Upload Image Here