Time To Slack Off 2014 Update

By Lawrence

3d small people - rest on a chaise loungeLast week my trading goal for the year was reached. It happened so early partly because I have a modest goal this year. The main reason, however, was the swing play for the market correction worked out nicely. At this point, it is time for me to slow down with trading and spending more time on other priorities.

I will likely minimize my trading activities until year end which is what I do every year once the trading goal is reached. My focus will switch to updating and adding services for premium members. It is something I planned to do but never have enough time spent on the project. Will be good to see progress and improvements on the site before year end.

For those interested, there were Time To Slack Off 2013 and Time To Slack Off 2012 which discuss about different things including why it is important to reduce position size after having a winning streak.

In retrospect, I failed my goal of cutting down my trading time because I had the extra time and I choose to glue myself to the screen. I guess it is something I am comfortable doing while pushing further automation is something I can do but tedious enough that I keep delaying it. In 2015 further automation and reduced screen time will be of highest priorities.

This year and the one before I had more time for trading because my SO was in bad but stable condition. This window of opportunity gave me more time to focus on trading but it is coming to an end. Her condition has worsen much over the past two months so I have to plan my schedule accordingly.

Readers and members who know me for a long time already know about my situation. My SO has terminal cancer and has been fighting for her life for many years now. It is something I prefer not to discuss here because it is off topic for a trading website. Since it is going to affect my schedule in unexpected ways I think it is fair to tell everyone what the reason is.


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