Trading as Part of Investment Portfolio Guideline

By Lawrence

Wallet with dollars and piggy bank isolated on white background

As someone with an established career or business, you do not have time to trade. Not even part-time. Yet you know you have to learn more about investment because your portfolio has not been performing for years. You know if you put your mind to it you will be able to make your money working for you. But you cannot sit at the desk to monitor the markets during business hours. You know investing is a complicated thing. You also know many people who attempt to trade lose money at the end.

What you need is proper guidance and a complete plan to do this right.

To improve the performance of your investment portfolio, you can supplement your investments with an active trading account that trades derivative markets like Emini S&P. As oppose to risking too much money, you can free up 10% of the portfolio or an amount enough for day trading Emini S&P. Use this money as the initial capital to participate in active index trading. Due to the high leverage nature, a 20% gain for that 10% of your portfolio means you gain 2-3% more for the whole portfolio.

Hence, your focus is to learn the foundation of trading through Trading Success Blueprint first. From there, you can start to study the various trading strategies offered to premium members. Pick and choose the ones you are comfortable with and study them in depth. Review the live trading results while getting yourself familiar with the trading platform.

This means you can skip some of the key technical skills like chart reading, price structure behaviours and development skills of your own trading strategies. As long as you are comfortable with the trading strategies offered here, you do not need to make your learning harder that necessary.

You can develop your trading plan on the side as you progress with your learning. You only go live trading when your trading plan is completed and that you know you are ready according to the TSB. You can do all these at your own pace outside of your work hours. As long as you can stick to your plan (which you would if you follow the TSB way), you will trade with confidence from day one.