Upcoming Webinar: Emini Real-Time Commentaries – Own the Thought Process through Deliberate Learning in Real-Time

By Lawrence

The webinar has already ended. You can watch the recorded session here.

All members (both premium and free) are invited to join me this coming Thursday, Jan 30th, 2020 at 4:30 pm Eastern Time for my webinar on Emini Real-Time Commentaries: Own the Thought Process through Deliberate Learning in Real-Time.

The actual link to the webinar with be made available on this post before the start of the meeting that day so that everyone gets to join in.

The platform I have chosen is Zoom. Thus you may need to install the app on your platform. You can also choose to participate with the browse option but the video and audio quality may not be as good.

For those of you who planned to join in, please review the Emini Real-Time Commentaries service and the resources listed on the page. It can help you better prepare for the webinar.

There is question and answer function in zoom that you can all ask questions and I will try to have them answered after the presentation.

For those of you who cannot join the webinar, I will have it recorded and make it available after the webinar is completed. So no worry, I have this covered.

Hope to see you this coming Thursday.


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