USB 3 And Windows 8 Do Not Mix (Yet)

By Lawrence

iStock_000011488510XSmallA short note to myself that Windows 8 hates USB 3 devices. Have this posted here so that I can remind myself about this glitch. If I forget this problem in the distance future when I need to reinstall Windows 8 somehow, at least I have this post telling me not to waste anytime.

The problem is that Windows 8 after 1 full year from its official release is still not stable working with any USB 3 devices. Such problem does not exist on Windows 7, Vista, or even XP.

For example, various brands of USB 3 external hard drives do not stay connected to your Windows 8 computer while they work perfectly fine with other earlier versions of Windows.

Devices like external DVD drives, scanners and tablets all go through random disconnect and reconnect every hour or so on Windows 8 computers. Some devices go through that every few minutes. This disconnect issue causes all sort of problems when you need the device stay connected to get things done.

Interesting though, all my USB 3 devices work fine with my other computers. WTF is wrong with Microsoft?!

Deep down I know it is not Microsoft’s fault. It is mainly the fault of the hardware manufacturers. But I have to blame someone when I spent freaking 6 hours trying to transfer my data to a computer with Windows 8!

I checked on the Net and obviously every geek on the planet has no clue what went wrong while the nerds are mad that Microsoft and the major USB controller vendors can mess up something so fundamental.

Bad hair day with technology …


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