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2011 Feb 26
Site move completed!

We’ve worked out the glitches and everything looks great on the new server. This should help us handle more traffic going into the future. If you have encounter access issues with some pages, let us know so that we can take care of that right the w ...

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2011 Feb 25
Reminder: Site move after close

We have found a new home for and we will move the site after market close today. The site will be down for several hours. ...

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2011 Feb 23
Moving Website This Friday After Market Close

We are going to move the website to a new hosting company by Friday after market close. The site will not be available for several hours during the transition. Sorry for the inconvenience. ...

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2011 Feb 21
Articles section revision completed

We have successfully completed the first round of articles section revision. Articles are now listed in several categories for quick browsing A much better archive reporting tool for access to the complete archive or for articles tagged by spe ...

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2011 Feb 21
Moving articles from NeoTicker blog

As suggested by some long time readers since my days posting at NeoTicker Blog, they find it hard to look for the articles I have written on various trading related subjects and that since is dedicated to trading related matters, c ...


2011 Feb 18
Some new articles will be available for members only

We’ve detected activities that tried to download all our content and found out articles written by me are reposted on several sites without citing the source. Thus from now on some of the articles I published here will be made members only. These ...

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2011 Feb 12
Site-wide changes improved stability drastically

Since the changes in place, our server is no longer overloaded by our real-time commentaries participants. The crash that happened in the beginning of the week has caused the auto update of the daily cheatsheets, breadth chart, and forex time cyc ...

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2011 Feb 9
Site move in progress (updated)

We are going to move to another hosting company that can handle the traffic better. The plan is to have that done by this weekend. Some measures are taken tonight that should improve the performance of the server effective immediately. ...

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2011 Feb 7
Server Overload

At 11:50 am this morning, the web server has crashed due to too many users are viewing the real-time commentaries at the same time. We are looking into possible solutions to resolve this issue. ...

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2011 Feb 6
New Format for the Weekly Outlook Charts

My staff helped me to setup an automation routine to upload the weekly outlook charts over the weekend so that I do not have to do that myself. All I have to do now is to add the comments where I wanted too. It is a huge time saver enabling me to c ...

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