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2010 Nov 18
Streaming Comments

Some readers asked for auto update or streaming of the comments. That is something I am not that familiar with. Will check with my staff to see what can be done. ...

2010 Nov 10
Grand Opening Sale!

To celebrate our grand opening, we will extend our sale of all eBooks and reports at 50% discount for a week. Don’t miss your chance to pick up our publications at sale price! ...

2010 Nov 7
Revision in progress

We are making changes to the site to improve its accessibility. If you find sudden changes to the look, don’t be alarmed. ...

2010 Nov 3
Thank you for the feedbacks

Thank you everyone for sending their ideas on how to improve the site. We have modified the front page already so access to latest daily comments gets easier. A few more markets will be added to the daily cheatsheet section. And we are testing ways t ...


2010 Oct 22
50% off all eBooks & Reports !!

To celebrate the launch of our site, we are offering our eBooks and Reports at 50% discount during the soft opening period! ...

2010 Oct 22
Soft Opening Today!

Open to public access starting today. By making the site available to everyone, we would like obtain feedbacks and opinions about the site so that we can make it better before the official launch. All inputs are welcome. Email to lawrence@d ...

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