Busy Month Ahead

By Lawrence

iStock_000001137458XSmallDisruption to Regular Schedule

This coming month I have to move to my new place. I need to schedule movers, pack things and throw away a lot of things. I thought it would be easy to do but it turns out there are hiccups that I did not anticipate.

I tried doing the throwing things part last weekend and it did not work out well. My son and I sorted out the clothing from my late girlfriend and packed them into huge plastic bags. First bag I was okay. Second bag it got difficult and the third one pretty much sent me into emotional breakdown. Took me deep breathing, a long walk and meditate for hours to recover.

So, it seems that I need help with this part of the moving. Luckily one of my friends, who went through something similar (her father passed away) last year, warned me about the emotional issue with cleaning up loved one’s belongings and offered to help. Now I have recruited my late girlfriend’s female buddies to deal with her belongings for me. Hopefully it will not turn into many party nights for them.

So this coming month I may not be able to produce as many articles as I want. I will still try to monitor and live comment on the markets as often as I can. I will also squeeze some time to do daily comments to help everyone out on key price levels and things to watch out for.

If all things go smoothly, I will be more productive by end of September.

About Point of No Return

Several members asked about the concept Point of No Return. I have not written the follow up articles yet but I have all the models built around it for Emini S&P. I was trying to organize the information so that the presentation is more in line with the gap trading techniques presented in Master Emini S&P Gap Trading Technique.

Given my schedule in the coming month being a mess, rushing to produce the complete manual may not be a good idea but I can sure try to post some of the trading models first.


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