Coaching / Mentoring Service For Retail Traders coaching service

Mr. Chan can no longer offer this service due to his hectic schedule.

For traders who want to improve their trading performances but do not know where to start, I am now offering limited spots every month to help traders improving their trading game plans. This service is not a structured trading course if that is what you are looking for. The goal with this service is to give my full attention to learn about the trading issues a trader may have so that the trader will recognize what to do to improve the performance.

Who May Find My Service Useful

For those traders who already have some background in trading Emini or forex but not getting the desirable trading results, my coaching service may be of use for you. If you fit the following criteria, I am likely able to assist you:
  • Properly capitalized to trade the market you want to
  • Have a healthy attitude towards trading (i.e. understanding that it is a business)
  • Willingness to take advice and relearn your skills
  • Must have the drive and grit to achieve long term goals (e.g. prior success in running your own business or professional achievement can be an indication of the quality)

Who This Service Is Not Intended For

This service is not good for someone who has no prior trading experience and like to learn some trading secrets to start making money immediately. To train someone from scratch, my experience tells me that it is not something that can be done in a month. It takes a lot of commitment from me to make the training works for the trader.

This service is offered to retail traders only, not professional traders working for trading firms or hedge funds looking for profitable trading models. I charge a lot more with my consulting work for professionals and institutions.

What I Do With My Coaching Service

The goal for the coaching service will be driven by the background and trading experience of the trader. In general, the purpose of the coaching is to identify current issues with the trading and find a practical way to boost the performance over time.
  • I will analyze your trading records from at least the past 3 months
  • I will spend at least 18 hours (likely many more) over a 4-week period to work on the case and correspond with you through email
  • With your cooperation, we will identify your trading needs and help you setting your trading goals
  • I will produce a plan including specifics where you can follow going forward to work on so that you can improve your trading over time

What I Do With My Mentoring Service

Mentoring is something difficult to quantify or structured although it has overlapping qualities with coaching. What I can offer is my experience and expertise on trading related matters as a sound board for you when you need someone to talk to on trading related issues you are facing.
  • I will spend at least 6 hours (likely more) over a 4-week period to work on issues you want to deal with and correspond with you through email
  • Objectives of the mentoring will have to be decided on a case by case basis

How Much Will It Cost

For the coaching service, the rate starts from USD $1500 for 4 weeks depending on the need of the trader and the projected number of hours that I need to commit to the trader.

For mentoring service, the rate starts from USD $500 for 4 weeks, again, depending on the need of the trader.


Terms of payment will be upfront arranged through wire transfer. My service is billed by the time I expected to spend on providing the service. No refund will be offered so if you are not sure that my service is right for you, ask questions and decide for yourself before committing.

I can only allocate a limited amount of my time to offer these services. Based on my current schedule, I can accommodate at most 2 to 3 hours per day to be splitted among clients. My goal for offering the services is to help traders in need. It is much better for me to focus on just a few individuals so that I can stay on top of their requests and needs.

Contact me for available time and other arrangments.

Questions and Answers

What If A Trader Cannot Commit To The Service During The Pre-Booked Time Due To Special Circumstances?

We can always work out the schedule issue with our best effort. This is a personal service arrangement not just a business deal.

I Need The Coaching Service Immediately.

For the coaching arrangement, I have only limited amount of time that I can commit to. You can always contact me directly will your trading issues. Even though I may not have a lot of time to help you immediately, I can point you in the right direction and give you some advice provided you are willing to let me help.

Will You Bill Me For Extra Hours?

Once I determine how much time I have to commit to you and set the fee upfront, I will not bill you extra during the coaching / mentoring period. Frankly, the hours I mentioned in the description is the minimum number of hours I know I have to commit to and I expected to spend many more hours to help you.

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