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INTC halted

2010 Aug 27 Fri 12:03:52 | by Lawrence

That affects all major indices and messes up various real-time breadth measures like $tick.

Emini S&P target below 40

2010 Aug 23 Mon 21:30:24 | by Lawrence

The break of previous week low points to weekly expansion to the downside. Obvious measured move from Aug 9-10 top points to below 40 area. The smaller scale version of a similar measured move points to 43-44 area. Reversal from the zone implies retest of 1100 area.

ES and overall market breadth in oversold condition

2010 Aug 21 Sat 14:02:42 | by Lawrence

Short term oversold in breadth triggered. Usually a significant gap down (or a fast selloff) to support area will finish the down leg. Current week low will be first support level to test, but it is not a strong one.

2010 Aug 20
Question on hedge fund

An interesting correspondence on a forum today, My comment on a post about Duquesne Capital Management Stanley Druckenmiller closing his fund. Hedgefunds have to trade or speculate within certain parameters as desrcibed to their clients. So ...

2010 Aug 12
Japanese official jawboning yen

Obviously they do not plan to do anything at the current price level, otherwise they would have intervened the market first and tell you afterwards. July close / low is resistance zone. As long as that acts as resistance, new low on daily is likel ...

2010 Aug 11
Emini S&P

Below 90 is the obvious target. Would we get that done by lunch? ...

No comment yet

2010 Aug 9
GBPUSD heading towards 1.56

The confirmed lower high break on hourly points to at least a test of 1.56 area activated on monthly. ...

2010 Aug 6
NFP giving us a 2 gaps setup at open

By the time market open, there will be 2 big gaps to deal with. The one above is 10+ pts created today, while the one below is also 10+ pts created on Monday open. ...

2010 Aug 5
Job report tomorrow

Almost 30 minutes into trading, tick indices showing signs of directional run to the up side for ES and NQ. So as long as S1 holds, gap fill to the upside first. Notice the previous day low is breached right after open, and bounced fiercely up, ...

2010 Aug 3
Gap down against resistance

ES opened gap down. Data coming out at 10 am pushed it further down to S1. Should S1 holds, gap fill in play. ...

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