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Entering prelaunch now

2010 Aug 2 Mon 12:46:48 | by Lawrence

Goal of prelaunch,
  • In-house test run of daily data updates
  • Work out logistic issues
  • Manual check on various links and forms
Thanks to everyone who participated in this project with your free time. I owe you guys/gals a big one!

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A new month

2010 Aug 2 Mon 10:16:50 | by Lawrence

All 3 US indices are testing their respective resistance zone from below. ES - A test of previous quarter / month / week high zone is in progress. The distance among these levels are so close it is likely to hit the top of the zone. Dow cash index already taken out its resistance zone as I typed. NQ, however is bounded by its weekly R1 at the moment.

OpEx Friday

2010 Jul 16 Fri 11:03:53 | by Lawrence

Finally, the open gap that was not filled yesterday in ES and SPY are now filled as I type this post at 11 am. What's next?
  • Scenario 1 - stuck between here and 1090 fir the reset of the day if the intended settlement price by close is 1080 zone
  • Scenario 2 - ES stays below S1 at 1079 for several hours and crash further to a new low in 3 pm, putting mid-1060 in play
  • Scenario 3 - ES printing new low in 11 am and a strong trend sell day is established with multiple day downside target at low 1050s

2010 Jul 15
OpEx Countdown

It is 10:15 now and everything worked according to the usual OpEx behaviour. The gap fill we are seeing now in ES will take SPX down to 1070s area. ...

2010 Jul 13
OpEx dynamics at works til Friday

It is the last few days to option expiration Friday for July. Yes it is a bit early for a 3rd Friday and it does happen from time to time. What it means for S&P 500 and its related products? At least 5 to 6 swings of 10+ points Going back to prev ...

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