Market Bias Informant

Market Bias Informant gives you important clues to figure out a plan for the trading day based on statistics with hard figures. Play the market only when odds is on your side.

Daily Cheatsheet
  • comprehensive reports on supported symbols
  • proprietary price projection models & analysis
  • updated daily giving you a head start for the next trading day

Precog Vision
  • updated before open on various markets
  • valuable statistics to stack the odds in your favour

Daily Cheatsheet provides extensive analysis on supported symbols in a compact form to allow traders to grasp the most important information needed to start their trading day on the right track.

To access the daily cheatsheet for a symbol, simply choose the symbol on the directory at the left side of the site.

Free Symbol Rotation – each week we choose 2 symbols making their premium reports available free of charge to our regular members.

The symbols on rotation this week are USDJPY and SPX

Daily Cheatsheet features the following special reports:

STOPD Levels reports all the important price levels and volatility readings based on the principles explained in the eBook Special Theory of Price Discovery (STOPD)
STOPD Visualization takes STOPD Levels one step further by showing the price levels in 3 different resolutions making it easier to spot the important price zones quickly.

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Hot n Cold System Tracking gives you an executive summary of the performances of many trading systems. By knowing whether they are hot or cold, you can figure out whether to go with counter-trend or trend-following theme for the trading day.

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Intraday Cycle Projection applies complex analysis to identify the strongest intraday cycles and projects their precise turning points in the very next trading day. The information is then combined into a simple to use graphic visualization.

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3-Day Pattern Odds Table shows you key intraday statistics on how the next trading day may shape up based on our proprietary 3-day pattern identification model. Intraday bias from the likely time for printing high/low of day to precise probability for specific price levels are included.

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Weekly Cycle Projection is our powerful cycle analysis tool that can show you how the overall price movements of the coming week will look like.

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Produced by our computer precogs, daily overall expectation in various markets with precise probability readings are provided.

Latest Visions
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Quick Explanation
Each row contains information for one symbol. Statistic columns show the odds of making a higher high (HH) and lower low (LL) in percentage for the upcoming trading session.

Members only: Access to the statistics from our proprietary 3-day pattern matching model. The extra column HC is the probability for higher close.

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All markets listed in the Cheatsheet Directory have basic STOPD Levels reporting.
Markets with premium reports:

  • US Index Futures – Emini S&P500 (ES), Emini Nasdaq 100 (NQ), Emini Dow (YM)
  • US Cash Indices – S&P500 (SPX), Nasdaq 100 (NDX), Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDU)
  • US Index ETF – S&P500 (SPY), Nasdaq 100 (QQQ), Dow 30 (DIA)
  • Forex Major Pairs

Our goal is to expand the markets covered to include many more commodities and other markets.