Hot n Cold System Tracking Explained

Standard trading systems may not offer much by themselves individually. When tracking them together, however, a lot of useful information can be extracted from them.

For example, when multiple trend following trading systems are doing great lately, you know that you should stay focus on trading setups that get you onto the current trending direction as oppose to fading short term extremely.

When multiple counter-trend trading systems are doing well, you can focus on counter-trend strategies to take advantage of the current trading condition.

When the trend following trading systems are not performing, you know that it is not a good time to stay on a trade for too long or hoping for your less likely targets to hit.

By adjusting your strategies to adapt to the environment, you can improve your odds and be more confident with your trades.

Hot n Cold Trading System Reports give you a concise summary of performances from multiple trading systems so that you can gather a sense of the state of the trading environment and choose your overall trading strategy wisely.

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