Day Trading Emini S&P Using Advance Decline Issues

By Lawrence

Webinar Summary

Learn to use Bull Charge and Bear Strike: Two atomic day trading strategies for E-mini S&P that have been consistently profitable over the past 20 years. Bull Charge and Bear Strike were first presented to premium members back in early 2014. They are still going strong, proving good day trading strategies based on the right kind of market biases can work consistently over time.

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Read the original articles on these two trading signalsAD Bull Charge and AD Bear Strike.

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Performance Summary

As usual, $10 commission per round turn and one-tick slippage are deducted from every trade.

Bull Charge Equity Curve

Bull Charge Performance Summary

Bear Strike Equity Curve

Bear Strike Performance Summary

AD Bull Charge Tradestation Full Performance Report

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AD Bear Strike Tradestation Full Performance Report

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