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Day Trading is About Timely Execution of Your Trading Plan

Day trading is a fast pace game. There is no time for figuring out which chart pattern to apply and what condition the overall market is in. You either know it at once and act on it according to your trading plan, or you waste the precious time window and trading opportunities. This makes day trading exceptionally difficult to master. Studies showed that only 1% of retail traders are successful in day trading comparing to about 10% for those who trade beyond a single day horizon.

Even for professional day traders with years of experience under their belts, judgement lapse happens and can be very costly. Contrary to what many retail traders believe, day trading is not about one to two simple secret trading techniques. It is about the ability to instant recall the expectations of scenarios similar to the current situation and applying the knowledge swiftly. Hence pro day traders focus a lot in maintaining their minds and physique as good as they can so that they can function at peak performance.

Real-Time Trading Assistant is the Answer

Training one self to memorize all the scenarios, either by experience or by studying historical data, can take a long time. It also takes certain personalities to excel in applying this knowledge correctly in real-time. This combination of barrier to mastery is the reason there are so few successful day traders.

Real-Time Trading Assistant resolves part of the barrier by providing real-time market biases and trading signals that are extensively backtested against historical data. A trader no longer needs to remember all the intricate details of hundreds of trading setups. What they can focus on is execution of their trading plans.

Real-Time Trading Assistant can help traders from any background to improve their trading performance. It is as easy as opening the Real-Time Trading Assistant window and learn about the trading setups along the way.

Emini S&P Real-Time Trading Assistant

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