Emini S&P500 Trading Signals

Our proprietary Emini S&P trading signals and trading models are designed with long term stability in mind. Daily bias reports are updated within an hour after US stock market close. Many of the swing trading setups and day trading biases can be used discretionarily or mechanically. Read the linked research articles for past performance and engagement rules.

Our real-time trading tools are trading platform independent. All you need is a browser to use them. The real-time trading tools are designed to complement the regular trading tools a day trader use so that better trading decisions can be made.

We’ve tested our real-time trading tools across all the major browsers and they should all be compatiable.

Applicable Markets

S&P500 Index has many tradable derivatives. Here is a partial list:

  • Long ETFs – SPY (Non-leveraged), UPRO (3x)
  • Short ETFs – SH (Non-leveraged), SPXU (3x)
  • Index Futures – SP (pit based, $250 per point), ES (Emini S&P, electronic, $50 per point)
  • Index Options – SPX

All these instruments are closely related and they moves in sync most of the time during US market hours. By understanding the behaviour of the cash index itself and/or the dominant derivatives like SPY and Emini S&P (ES) will enable you to better time the related markets as well.

Free signals are updated after market close every trading day.
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End of Day Swing Models Updated 2023/4/28 After Close

StrategySignal Status
Bankable ETF Strategy: Double Up
   Win Rate 62%   Annualized Return 26% **
   Long Only
Member Only
Bankable ETF Strategy: Hidden Bear
   Win Rate 59%   Annualized Return 13% **
   Short Only
Member Only
Bankable ETF Strategy: Simpleton Counter-Trend
   Win Rate 67%   Annualized Return 36% **
   Both Ways
Member Only
Bankable ETF Strategy: VIX Rotation
   Win Rate 65%   Annualized Return 41% **
   Both Ways
Member Only

End of Week Models Updated 2023/4/28 After Close

StrategySignal Status
5 Minutes a Week Winning Strategies:
   Trading SPY in Bull & Bear Market
   Win Rate 60%   Annualized Return 27% **
   Both Ways
Member Only

** performance as of the initial release date of the model. Annualized return based on percentage gain on trading one unit of the instrument without leverage.

Signal update on premium models is part of our premium service.

24 Hours Updated 2023/4/28 After Close

StrategySignal Status
Nonfarm Payroll Week Trading Models [DTBmark id=67408]
   Daytrade and Swing Strategies
   Long Only
Premium Member Only

Daytrading Biases

Premium Member Only
3 report(s) found.

Seasonal Biases

Seasonal Info
Current Month Seasonal ChartLink
Next Month Seasonal ChartLink

** performance as of the initial release date of the model


Real-Time Commentaries

Real-Time Tools

ES Real-Time Price Levels (beta)

NQ Real-Time Price Levels (beta)

ES Real-Time Trading Assistant (alpha)

ES Real-Time Custom Market Breadth (alpha)
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