Forex Trading Open Secrets: Euro Dollar Winning Strategies Vol. 1


Trading Forex cannot get simpler than this – just 5 minutes a day you know exactly what you have to do. With impressive 1,400 pips a year performance under its belt, this collection of trading setups will surely surprise the most picky skeptics. This ebook is redefining what forex trading is all about.

This ebook is the first collection of statistics driven trading setups on forex from my premium signal service. There is no complex chart reading, no ambiguous chart formations to interpret, just fast hard rules with historical performance backing every one of the setups. Trading forex can be as easy as you want. Don’t make it more complicated than necessary.

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Four Trading Setups That Perform Well In All Environment

The four trading setups disclosed in this book can be used indiviudal or in combination. All of them have the characteristics of thriving in volatile environment and stable in sideway condition.

They are not just great trading setups by themselves. They are also useful trade filters where you can utilize them to help you improve your intraday trading performance.

Picture to the right shows the number of pips each pattern captures over the years. 2 pips are removed from every transaction to make it more realistic. Notice how consistent the performances are over the years.

FTOS Vol 1 Individual Signal Performance

Individual Trading Setup Performance Using 1 Day Exit

An Inspiration For Those Interested In Algorithmic Trading

FTOS Vol 1 Combined Performance From All Signals

Combined Performance Of All Setups Using 1 Day Exit

Mechanical trading models heavily depends on their driving component to give them an edge. The trading setups presented in this book will give those who are interested in creating their own day trading models a head start.

Picture to the left shows the number of pips captured by combining all the trading setups into one trading model. Just like the the performance picture above, 2 pips from every transaction is taken off to account for slippage. The performance speaks for itself.

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