From Flying Fighter Jet to Trading as Life Long Career

By Lawrence

imageI have been exchanging email with Ron, an old friend from Netherland, lately and here is a short story of his path to establish his trading career.

Ron was part of the Dutch Air Force. Since then his career had been revolving around airplanes until he tried his hands on silver and gold contracts. That was year 1983. He never look back.

From that point onward, his main interest has been trading with his career in flight industry turning into his part time pursuit.

His approach to the markets may have changed over time but he sticks with simple principles that work all these years. Being able to control his risk in trading and gunning for slow and steady return, he is doing fine. This is perfectly in line with his experience in flying planes as being able to follow specific protocols is a must to ensure safety of everyone on board.

Sometimes a beginner’s urge to look for these superior edges in trading can be really harmful to their path to trading success. After all, having one working strategy in trading is better than trying to integrate many strategies that you have not mastered yet. At the end of the day, the ability to respect market risk, your trading capital and your obligation to perform can set one apart from the struggling traders.

Maybe one day I can convince Ron to tell some of his trading related stories.


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