Introduction to Real-Time Commentaries Charts & Transcripts

By Lawrence

Real-Time Commentaries Charts & Transcripts is a study tool for those who is interested in day trading Emini S&P. It shows the intraday chart of Emini S&P and the transcript from my real-time commentaries for the corresponding day. The charts go all the way back to 1998 while my real-time commentaries has been recorded since 2011.

Following is a typical screenshot of the transcript page.


At the upper right hand corner is the control for jumping to a specific day in the archive.

If there is a chart for the particular day, it will show up automatically on the left side.

Same for the transcript. If there is a recording of the real-time comments by me or by other active members, it will show in the transcript area at the right hand side.

When you put the cursor on the chart, the approximate time of the day will be displayed at the bottom right corner below the chart. This gives you an idea which part of the discussion on the right side corresponds to the part of the chart that you are interested in.

For the price levels and colorings on the chart, please refer to Annotations of the ES Chart in Real-Time Chat Archive.


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