Major Changes to

By Lawrence

Past and Future - Two-Way Street SignAfter lengthy discussions with my team on various aspects of, I have arrived at the conclusion that we are going to streamline the overall design of the website. Instead of keeping it more portal like with various areas accessible from the home page, we are going to revise it so that it delivers a clear message in terms of the type of services and products that are offered. The changes will be graduate as there are a lot of content to be reorganized.

For the weekly commentaries, I may not keep it in the same format as the way it is done now. On the upside, I am considering adding more markets to Market Bias Observer newsletter for my premium members with weekly or bi-weekly updates so that premium members can follow my swing plays more closely. I am looking into adding US bonds, crude oil, ETFs, stocks and probably other markets as time permits.

These changes are necessary as my role in managing my fund can take up much of my time. Naturally, if I write about what I trade for the fund, it will be much easier even though the comments I make on the individual markets can be quite brief. The goal stays the same though, I like to make this site educational for retail traders so that they can become proficient in trading by observing a professional trader in action.

One thing that will affect my daily routine most is likely the amount of time I have for day trading. Day trading a number of markets will still be the core part of my investment strategy but it will be more automated than ever. I will keep up with the real-time commentaries at least for now. I see that going forward, however, spending more time to summarize my day trading techniques into something well organized will probably help more traders to breakthrough their trading obstacles.

Many changes are coming and I welcome all suggestions as usual.

Have a nice weekend all!


  • Han777 October 24, 2016 at 8:35 am

    As you trend away from such detailed real time commentaries I hope to have learned how to recognize which RT price levels define the next S/R levels. Is it systematic enough to teach? I may not have read STOPD carefully enough. Is it all there or would a summary of the mental process you go through in recognizing which levels are “in play” be a worthwhile post?

    • Lawrence October 30, 2016 at 3:08 pm

      Actually there is a structural / systematic way to utilize the information.

      That’s part of the advanced materials I am working on.

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