Market Beaters by Art Collins

By Lawrence

Summary: The concept of interviewing successful traders is not new. The twist with this book is that he is asking some good questions and getting great answers that I have not seen from the other books. It is not a utility book per se. I recommend it if you can get it at a discount.

Book Information

Market Beaters
Written by Art Collins
Published by Traders Press, Inc.

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The book is a series of interviews on many heavy weight figures who research/trade/design mechanical systems.

Unlike other books on system trading that deals with the basics on system design, Market Beaters focuses on questioning the individuals,

– how do they get to where they are now as a fund manager / trader / designer
– how do they maintain their trading models
– how do they discover their edges
– how do they overcome various obstacles related to trading

Overall a good book for someone who has at least some understanding of what trading systems are.

Personally I think it is a must read for anyone who would like to pursuit trading with mechanical systems.

Art has an on-going thread at that posts his daily bias on various trading instruments. Could be an interesting starting point for those interested in developing their own trading models.


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