More Thoughts On Coaching and Mentoring Service

By Lawrence

Thank you everyone for contacting me about my coaching and mentoring service for traders. The best word I can use to describe the response is overwhelming. At this point there is a waiting list for couple of months with others booking well into the future at specific time more convenient for the traders.

As I explained in my prior piece, Next Phrase In Life, this service came out of an idea. Although I have extensive teaching experience of various kinds in my prior line of work, my current expectation is that the coaching and mentoring service will be a short term offering. I do not know down the road if I will be working on something that takes my full time attention. Hence, for now, I am committing 2 years into this service.

The reason of offering this service is simple. I believe trading skills can be trained. Hence I like to see if I can help other traders to become better traders.

p.s. I am updating the Coaching / Mentoring Service For Retail Traders page with a Question and Answers section.


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