My Trusted Server Went Down … RIP

By Lawrence

iStock_000018339157XSmallI usually remote access to my server for my charting and checking on my automated systems regularly. Well, today the server failed to auto report its status thru SMS. I knew it is going to be bad. Just not this bad.

Looks like the hardware is toasted at this point. And the drive I manage to pull out of the computer got the infamous Windows $MFT corruption beyond repair. Luckily I know I can recover all the data files on the drive.

Told my SO that I have this f$#ked up situation.

"You get an excuse to buy the 8-core machine now, don’t you?"

Will just stop my models for now and wait for a new computer. No point rushing to setup a temporary gig for a week or two and then moving that onto a new server.

In the meantime, I am setting up my home computer to track the markets using a copy of the files from my backup. Will see how that goes.

This incident is giving me several ideas on tech tips for traders. Good for several pieces at least.


How do I know so quickly that the drive is beyond repair?

Test Disk – A free tool for fixing most of the known issues related to all kinds of OS and file formats. If it cannot fix the problem, it means it is either beyond repair or it is going to be very costly. i.e. you can always seek data recovery lab to help you, you know?


How do I know I can recover my data files from the driver?

Active@ Boot Disk – a set of recovery tools including imaging, bootable USD to deal with data backup and recovery. No relations with this firm. Just a satisfied customer.


Back to set up my charts and stuff now. Will be a long night.


  • MidKnight January 13, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    What a pain in the butt!!!! Godspeed son.

  • Lawrence Chan January 14, 2013 at 9:12 am

    This particular server has been working 7/24 for me several years now. Have not even experienced one minor issue since everyone is in place. Definitely surprise attack.

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