New Direction of DaytradingBias Update

By Lawrence

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Here is an update of the latest changes to the site (as of end of Aug 2018) and what to expect in coming months.

What We Have Accomplished So Far

On education side, the Trading Success Blueprint has been very well received and feedbacks actually help me forging new ideas to be included into the manual. Several mentees reminded me that I have forgotten to include some special techniques I taught them years ago in improving their trading. Well, all those things will be added to the manual and all updates to the Blueprint will be made available to everyone who purchased directly from me.

For real-time trading signals, 2 pairs of trading strategies for Emini S&P are released already. The basic performance metrics of these strategies and their historical trades are fully disclosed. Everyone can see exactly what they do and how they behave in the past.

The foundational chart reading textbook The Art of Chart Reading was also released with great support from all readers of the site. To further enhance the value of the book, I have launched The Art of Chart Reading Online to feature charts with analysis based on the methodology in the book.

I am very glad that we have accomplished so much in a few short months!

What’s Coming will have a major update on its overall look and feel. The new design will be mobile compatible. It is something I tried to get done for almost 2 years now and it looks like we are getting there soon.

More real-time trading signals for Emini S&P are coming. They will be offered with the same full disclosure of past performance and historical trades so that you can learn more about them through historical charts and be prepared to use them more proficiently.

I am working on a new manual written specifically for day trading Emini S&P with focus on specific techniques including advanced usage of the new trading strategies offered. There are a lot more behind these trading signals that is part of a unified trading framework no one has seen before. It is an important part of my market breadth based trading framework. This manual will be extremely useful for both mechanical traders and discretionary traders.

I am also talking to brokerages to arrange for a way to offer automated trading of my trading strategies. I will have a live account setup to auto trade the strategies. It will be a good way to showcase what the trading strategies can do and what to expect from them.

Just in case that you wonder if too many people trading my signals would that affect the performance. The answer is no. The reason I am choosing to work with a brokerage is that I have full control of the number of contracts that are allowed to trade the strategies.

Straight limit will be imposed on the distribution of the new manual and the subscription of auto trading of the strategies so that they are protected.

Over the years many of you have asked nicely (and sometimes bluntly) for me to manage your money. I am really flattered but due to my obligations with some of my clients back then, I had to decline your requests. Through this brokerage arrangement, it will allow you to follow my trading signals. It is the next best thing I can offer you all.

What’s In The Pipeline

I am working in parallel a manual for trading Forex majors. I am stuck at around 100 pages or so on this one but I know I have a lot more to tell so this manual is progressing slower than the other ones. Again, how I approach forex is not the same as other traders. It will be something useful to all forex traders.

A complete rewrite of Special Theory of Price Discovery is already in progress. My editor has basically revised every single page of the book. And now I am adding to the book to make it better.

More trading signals will be released going into year 2019 for various markets. Emini NQ, YM, VIX futures, US bond futures, Forex majors and some Asian markets too. I am in talk with some firms in Asia to offer my signals but it is still in the beginning stage so I am not sure where it is going to take us.

I am keeping myself extremely busy with this in mind – changing the world of trading in my way!


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