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I like to welcome you for choosing our premium service. I am sure you have a million questions in your mind on how to fully utilize this site to help you with your E-mini S&P day trading need. DaytradingBias premium service is comprised of many things. Depending on your level of mastery in Emini S&P day trading, you may want to look at different areas of the site for the appropriate services that fit your need.

So, please be patient and at least browse thru this page quickly once. Whenever you feel like to look for more information, you can access this page from the New Here menu at the top of the site.

Best of luck in your pursuit of trading success!

Lawrence Chan

If You’re not a Premium Member

In this case you probably wandered onto this page looking for some more information like what the hack this site is. Feel free to read the rest of this page and decide for yourself if you want to pursuit day trading E-mini S&P the traditional way, which has a very high failure rate (close to 96% if not more), or that you figure out it is better to do it my way.

Beginners and Struggling Traders

Before we proceed to talk about what we can do here to help you make money in Emini S&P day trading, please make it your priority to read my article series A Smarter Way to Master Day Trading E-Mini S&P 500. The series is not completed yet but the first few articles already explained clearly my point of view about the current state of trading education.

If you find that you do not agree with my point of view and decided that it is better for you to pursuit or continue to pursuit day trading E-mini S&P the traditional way, it is likely the content and services offered here cannot really help you until you change your mind. No matter how useful the information and trading tools are from our site, you will likely not able to fully utilize them properly. I like to make this point very clear upfront so that you do not have the excuse to blame us or anyone for your failure.

Extremely Reasonable Subscription Fee

Many of the day trading strategies available on this site have been provided to our premium members for many years. The rules are fully disclosed. These strategies continue to work year after year. This is exactly what I mean by our site tagline “Trading Edges That Last”.

If you choose to follow any one set of these day trading signals, your subscription is as good as being paid for perpetually. No one on the internet can claim the same.

Seriously, many of the trading signals provided here are also trade secrets that hedge funds often employ in their automated trading. Many fund managers guard these information as top secrets because they worry that once these information is leaked to the public, it will hurt their bottom line.

I have a completely different view on the subject though because of my years of experience training professional traders. Normal people without proper psychological preparation or higher self-awareness can never really learn anything new or opposite of their beliefs.

Hence, if you are struggling in day trading Emini, it is time for you to follow my advice in the Smarter Way series to start from a clean slate and study the day trading strategies provided here intensively. Use them as a starting point to restart your trading career properly.

Show Me the Good Stuff

I know. You want to see what kind of good stuff is available, right?

In the main menu, choose Emini S&P will take you to the Emini S&P Trading Signals page. This is the page you will likely use most to access all the most important stuff here. You will find all the end-of-day reports from this page as they are updated after market close everyday.
You can also access the various real-time trading tools there. All the instructions are provided on the page as well so do your part and read them through.

The links to all the important directory pages for Emini is provided in the collapsable menu E-mini S&P Trading Central. One of them that you should spend a lot of time on is the Emini S&P Patterns Library. In here you will find many trading setups and what to expect from them. My suggestion is to study them. If possible, test the concepts yourself on your trading platform so that you gain the knowledge on first hand basis. Just reading the information will not translate into knowledge and trading skill.

Trading Takes More Than Technical Know-How

There are multiple skill sets that you need to acquire in order to build a successful business by day trading Emini S&P. If I have not covered the topic yet in the Smarter Way series, just remember that it is more important to fix your beliefs first before you even attempt to trade. My friend Dr. Steenbarger has written a number of books on trading psychology but that is something down the road. What you need is knowledge about yourself so that you can fully unlock your potential. First thing you can do, is to do a comprehensive personality profile test. The one I give to my mentees, Understand Myself, comes from Dr. Jordan Peterson. It is reasonably complete and not as costly comparing to those tests designed for specific hiring purpose by big corporations.

This being said, I believe my course Trading Success Blueprint is the most comprehensive manual that covers all the grounds on what is needed to build a successful trading business. If you are not the type who is willing to spend time to read hundreds of books to get you to the right place, TSB will serve the purpose to take you on the right path without the 80% of information that is not applicable to you.

Who Says You Must Learn Day Trading to Make Money from Day Trading

If all you want is to make money from day trading Emini S&P, but you have absolutely no intention whatsoever to spend countless hours to learn the craft and build the business, my suggestion is don’t waste your time then.

I restructured my fund management operation to make it easier to run and leave myself more time to do things outside of trading. That result is my offering of automated day trading strategies to anyone who is interested through a number of designated brokers. You can learn more about the service here – Automated Day Trading Service

For Those Who Come Here to Discredit Me

Save your time. Really. My reputation is so bad according to many sites where the “so-called” traders hanging out at, it is definitely at the rock bottom already.

My point of view has always been controversial and people just don’t like them. For example, I have been recommending meditation as a tool to improve performance to others for decades. If not for the big names like the tech founders and people like Ray Dalio coming out to recommend the same, I think I would have been stoned to death.

So no point to carry so much hate inside, just block my site and move on. This is internet, you can choose what you see.

The First Step Towards Better Trading Results Has Nothing to Do With Another Trading Tip

I have seen so many people try to pursuit trading by gathering information from the net with no human contact. That alone points to certain type of personality and psychological issues making it hard for them to learn something as complex as trading. There are things you just won’t get the information you need unless you start asking questions.

That’s opening up yourself. Yes, you will feel vulnerable and exposed but that’s how you find out what you don’t know or lacking. From there you can finally grow.

So email me and tell me your story. You will get a lot more from our products and services if I know your situation better. No one can help you unless you are willing to be helped.