Real-Time Commentaries: What It Is and What It Is Not

By Lawrence

iStock_000007690527XSmallHere is a short explanation of what I do with Real-time Commentaries.

What It Is

I mostly trade during US market hours as my primary markets are the index futures and the index derivatives of all sort. My secondary markets are forex majors and I mainly trade them with mechanical models so they do not require a lot of attention from me.

In general I monitor the markets actively during 9 am to 4 pm North America Eastern Time. Sometimes I start early if there are economic reports that I know will affect the index markets. Sometimes I also pull all nighters when the markets go wild and that I know the situations are exploitable.

I would post to the daily thread on what I see. Specific patterns or market breadth reading that I deem important at the time. In another words, it is my mental notes on the current market conditions. It shows you how I analyze the markets and produce projections in real-time.

I was told long time ago I was a pretty bad instructor. So, instead of instructing others on how to trade, I choose to show everyone how it is done. By studying how I analyze the markets in real-time, it is possible to gain insights what experienced traders really do in making trading decisions. This is very useful for beginners and struggling traders to learn to trade properly.

At times I post my trades too if they can be called out on time with well defined risk. I do not do that very often because it breaks my concentration when I discuss my positions. I know it because it has happened before and it will happen again.

My highest priority is my trading profits because that is how I make my living. That is also the main reason why I choose not to charge for money. I cannot put an amount on the service that I can feel justified to compromise my trading. Hence, during hectic market situation when a lot of concentration is required, comments will be brief.

Members of the site can ask me trading related questions in the threads or post them in the discussion area. During market hours, I will answer the questions when I have time. So if you want to start a long discussion on something, it will be much easier to do that in the discussion area as that will make it easier for everyone to join in.

What It Is Not

This is not a market call service. And I am not interested in doing a live market call service at all.

Automated signals or alerts are possibilities, if I find the technology or means to make that available.

This is also not a stock tips service. Although there are several big names I mention very often, they are mainly used as my confirmation tools for identifying potential turning points.

This is not the support email and I don’t usually handle the support issues myself. Email my guy at if you have technical issues related to the site.

July 26, 2014 Update

The site has been modified heavily to make it possible to deliver real-time commentaries to many people as the number of participants have increased many times over the years. Using real-time delivery mechanism, the cost of maintaining the real-time commentaries service has increased significantly and it can no longer be offered free of charge.

To receive real-time commentaries, please sign up as a premium member.


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